Extended Computer Repairing Course in Patna, Bihar

by Hi Tech Institute patna


The value and use of computer is far reaching in these days, so the rise of hardware professionals cannot be missed. If you want to be the part of this technology and want to earn a good amount of salary at every month, wait no further and get in touch with our hi tech computer hardware course in Patna, Bihar from Hi Tech Institute. Here, we are not just offer some important courses, but would like to provide those course for expert professionals only. No matter, whatever your information standard is, we have the right course, placed under different modules.

Our reliable best institute for computer hardware repairing course aims to acquire some advanced skills set in the field of computer hardware repairing strategies. This course is meant solely for different problems of computer functions. The primary goal is to install and at the same time troubleshoot the advanced hardware device and server’s software. Our course covers approx. all topics of computer repairing course it start from introduction of computer or PC, and then proficient use of computer, which comes with introduction to PC key function, study of various kinds of peripheral devices, such as mouse, keyboard, microphones, cables etc.  There after we come on the introduction to the architecture of motherboard, its different components like adapter cards and external bus. Third part of training is about internal parts and terminology of processor, reliable processor chipset and socket type, with LGS or PGA, manufacturers of CPU , ways in which, CPU works, now it come to introduction of expansion slots, ways to install different types of cards, ways of work of expansion slots, and its various types. Then, the course move towards memory slots its introduction, various types of memory, ways to install and work with the memory slots. After memory storage device is taught, as implementation of Hard disk, internal parts associated with this product, types of module and cables, characteristics as well. Now, operating system is started, its different types, and forms along with minimum requirement associated with proper OS installation.  After half of the course, information about troubleshooting is given such as performing backups with hardware and computer repairing training in Patna, recognizing every issue with power, devices, input, memory post errors and storage, well determination of hardware and also software problems. At last phase of the course approx. you will train resolving display related problems, hanging issues, restarting of the system and BIOS password and many more things.

After completion of this computer repairing institute in Patna, Bihar a candidate can work in configuring, installing, configuring and at the same time, troubleshooting different forms of computer and hardware resources. As the course is available in different mode of timing, therefore; students have the liberty to learn easily about computer and hardware areas, as per time you suited best. The course offered by our institute is very flexible and can be divided according to the need of learners. We are now stated as one of the best computer and hardware institute in Bihar, this became possible because of our valuable courses, by trained professionals.